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Band Schedule

  • Jul 24 (6-9)
    - Barry Young
  • Jul 25 (7:30-10:30)
    - Div Kid Duo
  • Jul 26 (1-4)
    - Barry Young, Upstairs
  • Jul 26 (1-4)
    - Cover Jones
  • Jul 31 (6-9)
    - Barry Young
  • Aug 1 (7:30 - 10:30)
    - Dupree, Keys, and Young
  • Aug 2 (1-4)
    - Barry Young, Upstairs
  • Aug 2 (9 - CLOSE)
    - Nikki Hunt
  • Aug 7 (6-9)
    - Barry Young
  • Aug 8 (7:30 - 10:30)
    - Div Kid Duo
  • Aug 9 (9 - CLOSE)
    - Last Kid Picked
  • Aug 9 (1-4)
    - Barry Young, Upstairs
  • Aug 14 (6 - 9)
    - Barry Young
  • Aug 16 (9 - CLOSE)
    - Full Circle
  • Aug 21 (6-9)
    - Barry Young
  • Aug 23 (9 - CLOSE)
    - Barry Young Band
  • Aug 28 (6-9)
    - Barry Young
  • Aug 31 (9 - CLOSE)
    - Montgomery Road Band



Thanks for stopping by!

Celebrate your Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Shower or any other group events on Rick's Upper Deck

Spectacular Views, Delicious Food, Excellent Service

Enjoy the view while you benefit from Chef Tina's 20 years in food service, and our efficient team of servers.

Your special occasion is sure to be an enjoyable experience with many lasting memories.

Contact Tina Hayes at 207-577-2832


As you relax and enjoy the surroundings (and sustenance), let us provide you with a brief history of the Casino building. As Naples began to grow and held their first Old Home Days in 1901, the need for a large indoor facility became apparent. Three native sons formed a corporation, the Longwood Real Estate Company, and began construction on the Casino building in the fall of 1901.

Construction continued through the winter with the grand opening in the summer of 1902. The Casino building quickly became the entertainment center for the town, surrounding area, and summer guests.

In the ensuing years the Casino building was used for political rallies, dances, fairs, movies and other social gatherings. It has survived all the ups and downs of the 20th century, housing a variety of businesses and attractions.

The inception of Rick's Café in 1985 is our endeavor to attain the same dreams as the original Longwood Real Estate Company. The goal then and now is to provide you, our guests, with exceptional food and entertainment. While you look out at the mountains and Long Lake we invite you to reflect on the past history and be part of the present history of the Casino building and Rick's Café.

Thank you again for choosing Rick's Café. We trust you will have a memorable experience and we hope to see you many times over.




11:30 A.M. - Close


On The Causeway, Naples, ME 04055